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At Nusakan Radio, we are very proud of our presenters and their shows. We feel that we have some of the best shows on internet radio, hosted by some of the best presenters you will find on radio, anywhere in the world. Whilst they may be passionate and knowledgeable presenters with great taste in music and a snappy line in chat, some of them, quite frankly, could use a little help with the 21st century.

Social Media is an area where we could really use your assistance. Could you find time to help keep our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ up to date, lively, informative and growing? Could you tweet about shows? Could you handle sharing Facebook posts so that we can increase our reach and exposure?

At this time, we can only offer unpaid voluntary positions but, in the future, who knows? Many modern hi-tech companies started off small but, through the effective use of social media, they grew very rapidly into some of the biggest corporations in the world. We may not have our sights set on world domination but we believe in the music and we want the world to hear our fantastic range of shows. If you can help out, get in touch. For more details or, to discuss how to make it happen, contact us at…

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