Chat Room Hosts

Keep our chat rooms active with a friendly, bubbly atmosphere.


No matter how good the shows and presenters are on any radio station, if no one knows about them or, if they aren't supported with publicity and feedback to listeners, they will not succeed. Presenters, themselves, can do a lot to support their shows but so, too, can you.

You will be responsible for keeping the chat going, and ensuring the listeners experience of interacting with the station & various shows is a good one so they will want to return.

You will be given administrative access to the chat room, so you can remove distuptive people from the chat. You will be expected toliaise with the presenters before the shows so that you can prepare and be able to keep the conversaton current and relevant and be able to provide background information on artists / tracks if requested.

Nusakan Radio is looking for talkative, friendly, gregarious, knowledgeable types to help out with the chat rooms for our shows. When our shows air, presenters are, generally, in the chat room talking to listeners but, on occasion, they cannot be or, need a little help to keep the party going. So, if that sounds like something you could get involved with then, get in touch!

I'm afraid we can't afford to pay you for your time, just yet but, if you'd like to get involved behind the scenes at Nusakan Radio, we'd love to talk to you.

For more details or, to discuss how to make it happen, contact us at…

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