The Vinyl Vault

Presented By Dex & Babbit

Every Monday - 7:00PM.


The Vinyl Vault

The Vinyl Vault Show LogoFrom their secret bunker-studio deep in the Staffordshire countryside, DJs and confirmed audio-nerds Decks and Babbit will take their audience on a weekly guided tour of their enormous, eclectic, and ever-growing collection of music, from pre-WWII shellacs, to the very latest releases in this revived format.

This magical mystery tour will take you through eras, artists, and genres that you might not expect to hear on a local radio station and hopefully, it might bring back a few memories too.

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About Dex And Babbit

About Babbit.

My taste in music has always been very broad, from the Classical glory and magnificence of Tchaikovsky to the unrelenting power of Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, with several odd detours which will no doubt be explored in future shows.

Pocket money was jealously hoarded and then splurged on semi-regular raids of the bargain bins of my local Woolworths' music department. As I entered my teens, vinyl seemed to fall out of favour and that beautiful atmospheric 'snap, crackle and pop' was replaced by the shiny but strangely soulless brilliance of the CD.

But I never could bring myself to part with my vinyl collection and now, with this format's unexpected return to popularity, I'm delighted to be able to dig them out, dust them off, and play them for you in all their analogue glory!

About Dex.

Dex is the quiet half of this vinyl-obsessed team. In fact, he's so averse to talking about himself, he actually got Babbit to write this profile for him! :-p

With a strong background as a club and mobile DJ, he creates awesome mixes and his place as resident technical guru is well deserved. This is a man who eats, breathes and sleeps music and technology. Whereas most of us have an 'if I won the Lottery' shopping list that includes holidays, sports cars and mansions, Dex dreams of one day having his very own artist recording studio with a Neve Audio manual-control desk 'like the one Dave Grohl rescued from Sound City Studios' and would love to run this show 'on a pair of Roksan Radius turntables, in the current model' - which when he last checked run to £1700 each!

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