Slippery Slope (To The Weekend)

Presented By NJ Harris

Every Thursday @ 7 pm


Slippery Slope (To The Weekend)

The Slippery Slope (To The Weekend) Show Logo “Would you like to present a Rock show”, they said.

“Not ‘arf,” I replied.

So, if it Rocks, and I like it, I’ll play it! And I like most things that Rock.

I like my Rock and Metal; sometimes pretty heavy, sometimes not so heavy, and most things in between. I like a bit of Punk too.

So it all adds up to the fact that I have a veritable goldmine of music open to me that I can and, almost certainly will, play for you. Thanks to Nusakan Radio I have the chance to play it too! Thursday nights twixt 7 & 9pm!

So join me and ride the Slippery Slope To The Weekend!.

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About NJ Harris

I am a shy extrovert. Yes, such a thing exists. I used to be horribly shy but got around that by talking nonsense! Can’t think how I ended up DJ-ing on the radio!

I have played drums in bands for many years now and am the drummer in Rock/Metal band Vitreolic. We are in the process of recording our first full-length album.

I write, and have had a few short stories published. They are not the kind of thing I can read to my Mum though.

I also act, on an amateur basis, have been in numerous plays and have directed at the theatre too.

So as you might be able to tell, I am always on the lookout for new ways to get up in front of lots of people and make an @ss of myself!

Very excited too to be part of the Nusakan team.

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