Nusakan Pride

Presented By Mystic Panacea

Every Wednesday @ 9 pm.


Nusakan Pride

The Nusakan Pride Show Logo Nusakan Pride is both a celebration of the LGBT* community worldwide and also a respectful open forum to discuss the hot topics and long-term issues the community faces.

Our pledge is that if it matters to the community, we'll talk about it - from landmark legal decisions, human rights campaigns and health promotion to highlighting LGBT* events around the world and here in the UK.

Adults Only Logo Please note, after 10pm the topic of conversation or lyrical content may on occasion become unsuitable for minors (Under 18's in the UK). We would advise caution when listening to this show after this time.

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About Mystic Panacea

Mystic was taught for years that being yourself is the most important thing in the world, even if it means you don’t fit in. And sometimes, it takes a while to discover everything about yourself - just as it did for them.

Surrounded by positive LGBTQ+ influences from an early age, from comedians and musicians to friends and relatives, Mystic believes very much the Lady Gaga rule of ‘Rejoice and love yourself today’, and is out and proud in terms of their differences. Their music taste ranges from hard and heavy rock anthems to bouncy cartoon hits, and spans more than a few languages. Whenever they’re on the air, hold onto your hats, because it’s going to be a wild ride!

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