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Every Saturday @ 2 pm.


Eve's Arcade

Eves Arcade Show Graphic If it was possible, Eve was sure she'd have started her gaming obsession back when she was still at the age of eating something to understand it, although that might have ended in a few unfortunate electric shocks. It doesn't matter how old it is or how bad it is, she'll play it, and get worryingly determined to finish it - yes, even /that/ game. She knows the one you're thinking of! .

Of course, talking about them is the next best thing, and she'll be pleased to regale you with wry and occasionally worry inducing stories about her favourite obsession - besides pizza, of course.

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About Eve Matrix

Eve's favourite things are a good sum up of her personality as a whole - sleeping, early 2000s comedy shows, staying on the internet for days at a time and Richard Ayoade. Although being painfully sarcastic for most of her life, she does have a soft spot occasionally, although not many have seen it and the people who have seen it won't spill the beans!

Both her game and music tastes could be seen as eclectic at best - Bloc Party to Wallace and Gromit: Project Zoo, to Bastille and Risk of Rain and Vib Ribbon... she could fill a page with this. It does make a bit of sense, although you might have to look at it sideways.

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