Blues Routes

Presented By Mike Bowden

Every Sunday @ 6 pm.


Blues Routes

Blues Routes Show Graphic Are you at the crossroads, wondering which way to go? Don't panic!!

BLUES ROUTES will lead you down the highways, byways, and twisted paths of the wonderful and diverse world of blues and roots music. We might hit a few dead ends, head down a few blind alleys but, sooner or later, this music will touch your soul!!

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About Mike Bowden

Mike Bowden is a kingfisher of the blues routes highway; he dives to the bottom and emerges serene, in his various guises. Mention the name and people conjure him as the cyclops head of The Roach Twins, the Doctorer of Truth in Dr Truth, the dinner in Dinners and the Dog, or contemporaneously, the crawling kingsnake from the Blue Swamp Band.

Prolific in his songwriting, a raconteur, known as the “man with the lived in voice”, he has carved a totem pole from his influences and placed it at the crossroads.

His routes around blues music meander like twisted vines, the terminus of each having as many branches as The Tree of Life. Who is he? A silver-tongued serpent with all the beneficence of the sound of one hand clapping. To quote the man himself: “his mission is, to categorize: a thousand ways of killing flies”.

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