Alphabet Soup

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Alphabet Soup

The Alphabet Soup Show Logo Alphabet Soup takes a look at music from an A – Z perspective.

Each week all of the music on the show will come from artists whose names begin with a given letter. This means that Alphabet Soup will feature an eclectic selection of sounds and styles on each edition of the show and the content is only limited by time, and the vastness of Max's music collection.

We asked Max, recently, for a quote for the show's web page.

“It's actually a really interesting idea,” commented Max, “when you try to put a playlist together, just based on a letter of the alphabet, you get really weird selection of music from the last hundred years. Then, the hard work is creating a show that isn't a complete pooch screw!” said Max, one day last week.

So, expect anything and everything!

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About Max Darkness

Max Darkness is a life-long music fan and no matter where he is or, what he does, music is involved in it, somehow. As a radio presenter, that works out quite well for him, as it means he gets lots of music sent to him, free, gratis, for no money. For us, we get his knowledge, experience and music collection, every Sunday.

Max has a somewhat mysterious past and, if half the stories are true, well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs. So, for reasons of Nusakan security, we cannot reveal any further details about Max.

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