An Absinthe Affair

Presented By Atticus Oldman

Every Tuesday @ 7 pm


The Absinthe Affair

The Absinthe Affair Show Logo The Absinthe Affair is a weaving together of the various creative threads which when entwined creates the rich and endlessly complex tableaux known as Steampunk

Your fearless an' intrepid host, Atticus Oldman is intent upon a journey through the vilest gin bars, absynthe cellars, bawdy-hooses an' bedlams to seek out, or if necessary, hunt down the finest musical mischiefeers and artistic merrymakers from all 5 corners of the globe in a sonic celebration of Steampunk chicanery!

With steam-themed news, interviews, reviews and special features, the Absinthe Affair is intended to bring a little old fashioned (very old fashioned) joy and gladness to these dark and digital evenings!

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About Atticus Oldman

Founder and host of the Steampunk Almanac, Atticus Oldman is an artist, designer and digital educator based in the west of Edinburgh. A life-long passion for victorian art and culture, combined with a flare for the theatrical and creative, eventually culminated in the establishment of the online Steampunk Almanac Of Atticus Oldman.

A core element of Atticus's work is to encourage the expanding list of outstandingly diverse steampunk-themed bands, musicians and musical performers to include the north of the UK in their tour arrangements. To further assist this ambition, Atticus has recently embarked on a mission to promote Steampunk music, arts and events to a wider audience via the digital airways by way of 'The Absinthe Affair' - A two hour aether-broadcast recorded in a secret broadcast airship high in the skies over Auld Reekie!

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