Anita Ace In Space

Presented By Anita Ace and Zed Mizar

Every Saturday - 2:00PM. Repeated Sunday - 11:00AM.

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Anita Ace In Space

Anita Ace In Space Show Logo “Anita Ace in Space” takes you to the shadowzone between alternative & electronic music, broadcasting from the moon, where the gravity is light & the dancing is easy.

Join Anita & artist-in-residence Zed Mizar for an ongoing exploration of altronica—music by songwriters & musicians who defy the usual boxed-in categories, who do funky electronic alternative rocktronica that is song- oriented rather than instrumentally dance-tracked. Vocals can be spoken, rapped, sung, synthesized or, sampled, & there is often a sci-fi or space vibe along with the comic absurdism that goes with it. This is about fresh music from international independent & small-label artists, although major label types like The Prodigy, Beck, Bjork, Bowie, St. Vincent, Massive Attack, Gorillaz, Kool Keith & Beastie Boys have all done music that was proto-altronica. synths & guitars, beats & vocals — we got it all.

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About Anita Ace

Anita AceAnita began her radio career in 2012 in Germany & has been on-air consistently since then in several German cities & on several internet platforms. She contributes vocals to the recordings of a number of artists. She met California altronica music artist Zed Mizar on a virtual reality website in 2011, where Zed was playing. The two began working together in 2012 when Zed moved to Germany. They now divide their time between Hamburg & the Prisma Dome Lunar colony, where there is more freedom & multiplanetary musical diversity.

Anita is known for her ability to spot obscure, unknown world-class talent & bring that music to the attention of her audience. She veers away from the same old stuff in favor of the exciting & sometimes startling. Zed adds the musician’s perspective in the wacky satirical style common on the moon, as well as contributing considerable pro production skills.

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